Saturday, August 12, 2017

European research shows increase coaching and mixed learning

Cegos has just launched its latest annually pan-European studying and development research. Notebook was conducted among 2,800 employees and 600 HR Directors/Training Managers from a cross-section of companies in the UK, France, Malaysia, France, France and the Netherlands.

The research has a problem about the types of studying methods and media that members have seen formerly year, which gives a useful indication of designs. In some places, such as classroom coaching and the use of live and self-paced e-learning, there has been little change formerly year. The noticably enhances have come in the use to learn (up from 35% to 47%) and of mixed solutions, particularly in the UK. There has also, obviously, been some increase the use of cellular studying, which has been used by one in four members, and of serious actions, while companies continue to comprehend public studying sources.

The results also show that employees are on the whole pleased with it they get, regardless of the technique or technique being used, understanding that their companies are making a real effort to identify and respond to their needs.

That's not such a bad picture considering sources are so broken.

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