Thursday, August 31, 2017

Modifying learning and development

In a set of content on the Onlignment blog site that has run throughout 2012, I have endeavoured to explain how adjustment can occur at work learning and growth.

I started the series by developing out the need for adjustment.

I then set out a viewpoint for workplace learning and growth that is:
and powerful
I moved on to look at some of the changes that can be done to comprehend this angle, indicated as six shifts:
from common to tailored
from synchronous to asynchronous
from complying to competence
from top-down to bottom-up
from applications to resources
from face-to-face to online
I presented the series to a conclusion by working on the genuine activities that we can take for making adjustment happen:
Recognising the creativity of your particular organization in regards to its requirements, the popular functions of its individuals and the limitations which control its selection.
Establishing a learning framework and features that is aware of these unique functions.
Putting in place means of improved performance needs analysis and mixed solution design.
Building capability in locations such as the overall look of digital learning content, learning remain an internet-based, and connected on the world wide web learning.
If this is all too much for you, I summarised the main ideas in this film.


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