Friday, August 11, 2017

More than mixed studying - we launch today

We did it. We designed a whole new way of creating studying therapies, an technique that we really believe in. We started a new organization to look after our new advancement, an account of products and alternatives to support it, a new site to show it all off and a online course for anyone who wants to determine how to use it.

It’s known as More Than Combined Learning (>BL) and, although we’ve been working on the actual recommendations for some a decade now, it produces officially these days at Icetank in London’s Covent Garden.

>BL is a refreshingly different but easy new technique to the design and elegance and kind of studying alternatives. Combined alternatives combine unique studying methods and media to be able to enhance efficiency as well as. >BL goes a pace further to make sure the
mixture results in system to real-world tasks and the student is strengthened along the whole length of their studying journey.

‘We' are John Sampson, Eugenie Expert and myself (Clive Shepherd), strengthened by efficient associates Asatuurs Keim (Studio from the Sky), Grettle Snowfall (Frost Creative) and Cheryl Clemons (LearnerLab).

We’re pleased with what we’ve acquired and yet we’ve hardly started.

We i do wish you like >BL and will support us in our ambitions to turn the way studying therapies are designed and offered.

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