Saturday, August 12, 2017

PIAF - I need you

All this 7 days, I have been discussing about a simple four-phase style for the style of office learning interventions:

Preparation: Supporting the student to get ready for an effective chance to learn.
Input: Providing operate factor which hopefully motivates the student and act as a car owner for changes in actions and on-going capabilities growth.
Application: Providing opportunities for the student to examine out new ideas and capabilities on the job.
Follow-up: Supporting the student to continue their learning trip using on-demand material, training and assistance from co-workers.
I end this series of material with a practical strategy.

Next year (probably nearer the end than the start) Onlignment will be publishing More than mixed learning, my effort to create on what I started eight years ago with The Combined Learning Formula information, based on plenty of actions since with office learning professionals from around the world. In the following information I would like to add something like 6-10 scenario analysis of excellent mixed solutions, particularly those such as all the four levels described above. By 'great' I mean that they met their performance objectives without investing organisational resources, while at the same time taking concern of the wishes and problems of the potential population.

If you agree to to be a part of (and your employer/client is happy to make the analysis research public), I will arrange an initial discussion, to talk through the scenario. Where genuine I would like to take this further and perform conversations on movie.

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