Saturday, August 12, 2017

Recommendations for mixtures 2: Try to stay away from the topic professional and the customer dictating the solution

A subject-matter professional should be your friend and affiliate, but he or she should not be your professional. Operator is for making sure the standard of the technical content; yours is for making sure that learning objectives are acquired. Of course the SME may be capable of giving useful concepts into the most effective methods to express their abilities, but they are not ideally placed to provide this assistance. Why? Because topic experts encounter from ‘the issue of knowledge’ – they believe that all the parts of their topic is not only crucial but generally interesting to just about anyone. They are wrong.

The situation is similar with clients and other kinds of project entice. Try not to let them figure out to you how their needs should be met. Your relationship should be one of robot, not purchase taker. The client’s responsibility is to express their needs. Yours is to help them to meet these needs efficiently and efficiently.

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