Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Why film surpasses e-learning

 For every self-paced e-learning course out there at work, there are at least ten client coaching videos online (I designed that figure out up - but there are clearly a lot more). You hardly ever see e-learning used as an approach of choice outside execute but you’re beginning to see a much greater interest in film at execute. What am I saying? That film has really came and we should take it seriously as a self-study technique.

But I’m not definitely absurd. I know that e-learning and film are very different media and, consequently, execute in different circumstances. Most e-learning is directed at offering details or, to a compact stage, perceptive capabilities. On lack of, while film can be used to put across more widespread ideas as well as to offer presentations, discussions and documentaries, it’s at its best when it’s exposing how to do something. And not incredibly, that’s what most of those YouTube videos do.

Clearly videos used alone cannot analyze understanding and does not observe enhancement, so it’s not the best complying system. But it is more exciting, handier and less cool. It can be used to produce relationships, both individual and group - and can be mixed with more a sign elements such as material, blogs and PDFs.

So I consider we’ll see a much better use of film at work. Learners like it (why is not always actual of e-learning) and it’s much easier to produce than it ever was (though not easy - I’ll be returning to that soon). While there are some locations e-learning is important, I won’t be frustrated to see other media come together with. After all, I started interest in media and technology with company film many moons ago and so for me it’s just another turn of the group.

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